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If you have an older home with an original electric service panel and breakers, it is a good idea to have an electrician use a thermal

photo of damaged circuit breaker.

Over headed circuit breaker.

camera or heat sensor on it. By turning all the circuits on the electrician can use these tools to see if you have hot spots on the breakers, wire, and buss bar. This will allow to replace them now before the electrical panel is damaged. Replacing the electrical breaker now will save you thousands later replacing the whole panel.

Photo of a damaged buss bar in an electrical panel.

Damaged buss bar in electrical panel.

photo of over heated circuit breaker.

Over heated circuit breaker

Electrical Service Panels Vancouver Washington

When is the last time you have or an electrician looked inside your electrical Panel? It’s a good idea to check inside your electrical panel every few years. You never know what may be living inside of it. Also with the cover off you can check all the connections and make sure the wires are tight under the set screws. Doing so will eliminate headaches of a service call down the road for a circuit not working.

A photo of an electrical panel located in a shop with a rats nest inside of it.

Rats nest in shop electrical panel.

Zinsco electrical panel Vancouver Washington

It is highly recommended to replace Zinsco Electrical panels if you have one in your home. These panels are know for not tripping when they need to. When this situation happens the wire can melt and or the equipment. In this picture you can see half of the electrical panel, with the other half being covered up. The next picture shows the feeder wire coming in and melted as a result of a loose connection. A new panel will be install outdoors since we do not have the correct room and clearance requirement per today electrical codes. Completed photos of the job will be posted soon.

If you have any questions about these Zinsco electrical panels you can look them up on line and or give us a call at 360-883-3873.

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Photo of a damaged feeder wire in electrical panel.

Photo of a Zinsco electrial panel. Half of it is covered up.

Zinsco electrial panel half covered up

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