Wire splices Vancouver Washinton

Electrical wires are to be installed in an approved electrical box for fire protection. If in the event the wires were to short out and the breaker not trip a fire could be the result. Electrical boxes are rated for one and two hour fire wall protection, in theory.

Wire nut connections Vancouver Washington

When installing wire nuts to electrical wires, please make sure you tighten the wire nut good and tight to the wires. If not you will have a headache of a circuit not working later and or a potential of fire in the electrical box.

Here you can see a wire nut that the wires were not connected tightly and caused the wire nut to melt. Luckily the home owner smelled the burnt smell and turned off the breakers. We cleaned up the wires and installed a new wire nut.

Melted wire nut. photo of red wire nut melted.

Melted wire nut

Double tapped circuits Vancouver Washington

We get many calls for the correction of double tapped breakers. What this means is two wires are under a screw of a breaker that is only rated for one wire.

There are 2 ways to correct this. If the circuit is able to hold the existing wiring to the breaker then one can wire nut the 2 wires together, pigtail, so that you have one wire going to the breaker. The other is to desperate them and install a second breaker. Adding the second breaker is the best method as it lightens the loads on each circuit so the one doesn’t have the chance of being overloaded. In many old panels there is not enough room to add the second¬† breaker thus pigtail the two circuits together is the only option.

Double Tapped Breaker, photo of two wires under one screw of a breaker.

Double Tapped Breaker

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