Wire nut connections Vancouver Washington

When installing wire nuts to electrical wires, please make sure you tighten the wire nut good and tight to the wires. If not you will have a headache of a circuit not working later and or a potential of fire in the electrical box.

Here you can see a wire nut that the wires were not connected tightly and caused the wire nut to melt. Luckily the home owner smelled the burnt smell and turned off the breakers. We cleaned up the wires and installed a new wire nut.

Melted wire nut. photo of red wire nut melted.

Melted wire nut

Replacing plug outlets Vancouver Washington

Picture of a defective plug outletPlease check all your plug outlets in your home. Most home owners think all is OK with their electrical when the lights come on and go off and all other electrical comes on. However, there are many hidden issues that a home owner can save time, money and headaches if they do periodical checks in their home. The first being look at all your plug outlets. Items such as your freeze, refrigerator, televisions, portable heaters can over time over heat a plug outlet which later can short out the equipment or cause a fire at the plug and cord. Checking them often can prevent equipment failure, melted plugs or risk of fire.

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